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On the practicability of tea cans
square tea tin caddy_tea tin cans manufacturer | Nice-Can Manufacturing

There are many friends who like to drink tea. They are also very particular about the tea set they use everyday. For example, Yixing tea tin container with purple sand, blue and white bowls are almost indispensable. But there is a kind of tea-things, which is used by tea drinkers almost every day, but rarely mentioned. This kind of tea utensil is a tea tins.
The reason why round shape tea tin are rarely mentioned may be that many tea products on the market now are canned or boxed. After most people buying tea at home, they generally don't care about the quality of tea packaging tin box, so there is a phenomenon of "daily use.


tea packaging tin box


Tea canister with purple sand
According to the elders, tea in the market used to be mainly in bulk. When buying tea, the shopkeeper just used paper or a simple bag to pack it, and then took it home and transferred it to the tea storage tins by themselves.
For the tea with strong adsorption, volatile aroma, and the fear of moisture and sun, a good quality tea tin box may be a "home" with good environment.
In addition to the various shapes, the tea tin container that can be seen on the market also include ceramic, glass, purple sand, metal, bamboo and other materials, and their basic functions are the same - to storage tea.


square tea tin caddy


Commonly tinplate tea tin box  in the market
Start with the metal tea cans. It is said that there were some tin cans in the families of the ancient wealthy families, which were not only used to store ginseng, Korean ginseng and other valuable drugs, but also used to storage tea. The reason is that the bulk tea cans were tasteless, nontoxic, with constant temperature, with very good fresh-keeping function, which could guarantee the quality of tea for a long time.

Tea tin box
Because of the complex process of tea tin box, the price of tea tin box is too high for ordinary families, so ordinary families use ceramic containers or tea tin container to hold tea.


round shape tea tin


Porcelain tea cans
In addition to the Jingdezhen ceramic tea cans we are familiar with and the purple sand tea cans produced in Yixing, there is also a kind of tea tin box named guizhengshan tea cans in Chaoshan area, which is famous for Gongfu tea. It has enjoyed a high reputation in China, especially in Chaoshan area, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.
According to relevant records, guizhengshan tea cans was founded in the middle of the Qing Dynasty and produced in guizhengshan village, Puning City, Guangdong Province. The tea cans has a vertical cone shape, a thin bottom and a wide shoulder. It can storage tea for ten to thirty years without deterioration, and has the effect of clearing away summer heat.