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The classification----metal cigarette box
The classification----metal cigarette box | Nice-Can Manufacturing

Cigarette box, refers to the box packaging cigarettes, usesd to be disposable paper cigarette box.
With the change of form, a kind of metal cigarette box is also very popular in the market. The specification of this kind of cigarette tin box hinged lid is not only to hold 24 cigarettes, but also can be double or attached with the position for placing lighters and matches. It has a creative personality


Cigarette tin box hinged lid


There are two main types:
1. Paper cigarette box is the packaging box of cigarettes purchased on the market. The general rule is 24 cigarettes, and the grade depends on the brand of cigarettes.
2. The metal cigarette box is generally sold independently. It's all bought cigarettes and disassembled, then put them into the metal box or directly put the cigarettes in the metal box. Sometimes, the use of the metal box is not for display, but for fun. In addition, it's convenient and practical.
The cigarette tin box rectangular is mainly made of tinplate. There are famous vintage tobacco tins manufacturers in China, such as Guangzhou Nice-Can Manufacturing. Co., Ltd.. In addition, many individual workshops that know metal technology can make it by themselves, but it can't be a way of income, just for entertainment.


rectangular cigarette tin box


Protection of cigarette box
1. Of course, the paper cigarette box can't be pressed, wet or collided, especially try not to remove the packaging film in advance. Many people are used to put the cigarette in the trouser bag. Because they often exercise, such as sitting or bending, they will fold the cigarette box, not only damaging the vintage tobacco tins, but also damaging the cigarette.
2. Metal cigarette tin box itself is produced for better protection of cigarettes, but now a lot of rectangular cigarette tin box are made in a wide space, which can be put in the box with cigarettes. When using metal cigarette box, we must pay attention to that if it is placed in the trouser bag, we must prevent the corner of the cigarette tin box hinged lid from piercing the trouser bag or pants, so it is recommended not to put it in the trouser bag, but on the clothes bag, and the second point is not to touch it frequently.


vintage tobacco tins