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Design Elements ---- Candy Tin Box Packaging
mint tin box hinge lid_tin candy containers | Nice-Can Manufacturing

1. Pattern elements:
The composition element is an important part of the candy tins packaging design . It is mainly a complete picture formed by the combination and arrangement of trademarks, graphics, characters and colors displayed on the outer packaging of tins of sweets. Good products need good packaging design in addition to product quality, excellent production technology and reliable quality assurance. And the packaging design of the candy tin box also includes the plane vision design and the material development. Therefore, no matter what kind of packaging is developed and produced, we should pay attention to the harmony between the graphic design part and the product, so as to reflect the beauty of the design of the tin candy containers.


candy tin box mint tins


2. Shape elements:
The shape elements of the candy tin box include two aspects: the shape of the box and the shape of the container. This is the shape of the packaging display of the mint tin box hinge lid, including size, size and shape. There are three shapes of the mini mint tins that we often see in our daily life, namely square, rectangle and heart. Therefore, the shape of the package should be designed according to the needs of the customers when designing the package of the metal candy box tin to meet the needs of the market. Now, there are more diversified designs, consumers are more interested in the novelty of heteromorphism, and the unique visual form can also leave a deep impression. Therefore, in the design of happy candy tin box mint tins, first of all, we should be familiar with the characteristics and emotions of form elements, so that we can combine all elements reasonably and organically according to the form of packaging box design and the characteristics of product functions, and strive to get a unified design image.


mint tin box hinge lid


3. Material elements:
The material element of custom mint tins is the packaging material displayed after the product, mainly to see the surface texture and texture of the materials used. And the quality of iron material will also affect the visual effect and tactile effect of the package. Through the surface change and surface shape of different materials, the material elements that can achieve good effect in the packaging of mint tins are an important part of the selection of the packaging design of mini mint tins, which directly affects the overall function, economic cost, production, processing, printing, packaging recycling and other aspects of the packaging of mint tins bulk.


tin candy containers metal