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How does the tin box calculate the price?
How does the tin box calculate the price | Nice-Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd
I believe that many customers have questions, why the prices of tin boxes will be different, it seems that the prices of the same box will be different. As a tin box manufacturer, the most received question is the customer's doubts about the price of the tin box. The following is simple for everyone Explain the factors that affect the price of tin boxes:
How does the tin box calculate the price
1. Number of tin boxes (key factor)
The price of tinplate has a lot to do with the quantity. It is mainly because the printing cost of tinplate is relatively high. The printing industry generally has a minimum order quantity for printing. Those who do not reach the minimum order quantity will also be charged according to the minimum standards. When the printing standard is reached, the smaller the quantity, the higher the average cost of the tin box.

2.Tinplate​ thickness
The same tin box has different requirements for the thickness of the tinplate because of different process requirements. The thicker the tinplate, the more expensive it will be.

3. Printing process
The same set of molds, due to different customer designs, will have different printing requirements, and prices will vary. For example, some customers require engraving, and there will be one more production than ordinary boxes. The process, even a few more process steps, of course, the price will be slightly different, but the influence of this factor is relatively small.
How does the tin box calculate the price
Speaking of which, I believe you have a basic understanding of the factors affecting the price of tin boxes. For specific price calculations, our tin box making factories usually focus on the following factors: 1. material costs; 2. printing costs; 3. labor costs; Packaging costs; 5. Logistics costs; 6. Other costs
How does the tin box calculate the price
Material cost: Calculate the total surface area of ​​the tin box * sheet thickness * sheet density (7.85). Here the size is in centimeters. This can calculate the weight of a tin box, and then calculate the material cost of a tin box based on the tinplate price .
Printing fee: It is divided into spot color or four-color printing, front or back printing, number of printing iron sheets, printing process effects, etc. It also includes the special process costs of the tin box, such as engraving.
Labor costs: how many workers are required to produce this box, and how much workers are currently paid.
Packing fee: what kind of packing method, such as one PP bag per tin box, 24 boxes per carton, and then calculated according to the current carton price.
Management fee: It is the salary of some management personnel of the tin box making factory, such as designer, mold division, customer manager, warehouse management fee, etc.
Logistics costs: The costs generated by different modes of transportation are also different.
Other costs: There may also be costs for accessories and new development molds, which depends on the needs of the specific tin box.
How does the tin box calculate the price
Overall, the above is the production cost of an tin box. I hope it can help you. The most important thing is to see the quantity. This is the same as what we usually buy. The more the quantity, the cheaper the price.