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Metal Tin Tray——One-Piece Metal Tin Can
metal tin tray--tin trays vintage | Nice-Can Manufacturing

This is One-Piece Metal Tin Can, which we call tin trays in our daily life. The metal tray made of tinplate are not easy to rust, wear-resistant and deform, which can extend the service life of pallets. The exquisite design, the exquisite printing, the exquisite craft, creates a exquisite tin box. The logo and pattern of the tray surface can be customized according to the customer's requirements. The exquisite tray also has the commemorative collection value!



The surface printing of One-Piece Metal Tin Can can be designed and printed according to the design style of customers and the packaged products. The surface printing effect includes white ink or white porcelain plus four-color (CMYK) or Pantone printing, which makes the printing effect and pattern more distinct. The same can be done through iron, through gold and other effects, so that a piece of pot is more distinctive and more high-grade. The surface treatment can be used for varnish, mute oil, explosive oil, etc. the printing inside a can can can be used for food gold oil or transparent oil printing. It can also be used for double-sided printing. The ink and coating used are non-toxic and harmless environmental protection products. One-Piece Metal Tin Can also used for general packaging without printing.



In the selection of tinplate packaging, we usually choose Nice-Can Manufacturing. Nice-Can Manufacturing also provide lining, which can be used for various colors of pet or PVC, such as blister, flocking, flannelette, sponge, plastic and other lining. We will save you unnecessary trouble with the smallest carrying space, the least cost of transportation and the most solid packaging in one piece of can packaging.



Nice-Can Manufacturing is a national well-known tinplate packaging customized production enterprise, which is unique among many iron box manufacturers. Through nearly 20 years of accumulation, it has nearly 10000 sets of ready-made molds and is increasing, greatly saving the cost of customer mold development.