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Why tinplate is suitable for making tin box?
Why tinplate is suitable for making tin box? | Nice-Can Manufacturing

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There are many kinds of metal boxes, but not all of them are suitable for making tin box packaging. So far, the most suitable tin product for making tin box is tinplate. This is the final conclusion after a long time of practice. Let's talk about why tinplate is suitable for making tin box packaging.
1. One of the reasons why we use tinplate as tin packaging is because of its environmental protection, and the recovery rate of tinplate can reach 80%, which is very much in the tin category, so one of the reasons why many tinplate manufacturers like to use tinplate to make tinplate is because of its recovery rate, also is a method to save costs.
2. There are not only the beautiful appearance of tinplate, which doesn't need to spend too much attention on the appearance when making; But also the environmental protection problem of tinplate. Tinplate is the kind of material that you can decompose by yourself when you put it in the natural environment, so it's basically harmless to the environment, and we don't need to decompose it specially.


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The function of food tin box packaging
Protecting food and extending the shelf life of food
(1) Protect the appearance quality of food to produce certain economic benefits
In the whole circulation process, food should be handled, loaded, unloaded, transported and stored, which is easy to cause damage to the appearance quality of food. After being packaged inside and outside, food can be well protected from damage.
(2) Protect the original quality of food and extend the shelf life of food
The quality of food will change and deteriorate in the whole circulation process.
Food itself has certain nutritional composition and water, which is the basic condition for production and reproduction of bacteria, molds, yeast, etc. when the temperature of food preservation is suitable for their reproduction, it will cause food corruption and deterioration. If the food is sterilized and refrigerated in aseptic packaging or after packaging, the occurrence of food corruption will be prevented and the shelf life of the food will be prolonged.


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