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Cosmetic Tins
Cosmetic tin box_Lip balm tins_Vintage lip balm tin | Nice-Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd Nice-Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in tin packaging for all kinds of fashionable cosmetics. It can customize exquisite cosmetic tins. There are more than 300 sets of ready-made molds to choose from. It is your trusted cosmetic tin box manufacturer.
Wholesale cosmetic tin containers personalized cosmetic tin cans for sale

Factory price empty cosmetic packaging tin can empty cosmetic tin container

Product Specification:
  • mould type: NC3266
  • product size: Φ277xH45mm
  • Tin box material: food grade tinplate
  • thickness: 0.23mm
  • printing: CMYK
  • moq: 5000
  • emaill: [email protected]
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As the mainstream of cosmetics packaging, cosmetics tin boxes have received more and more attention. In order for the product to sell well, packaging must be done well. Yes, if you want to sell your products at a good price, then the visually exquisite high-end packaging can make the products better promote sales.
Everyone who has used cosmetics knows that our cosmetics are generally divided into three types: liquid, powder and paste. Now the cosmetics packaging on the market is basically divided into three types: plastic packaging, glass packaging, and tin box packaging. Among them, plastic packaging accounts for the largest proportion, followed by glass bottle packaging, and tin box cosmetic boxes also occupy a certain market, mostly powdery and creamy cosmetics. Cosmetics is one of the main sectors of women's daily consumption. Therefore, the design of cosmetics tin boxes needs to be ingenious and constantly innovating. It must fully satisfy women's beauty and superiority, and also highlight their personality and value. The rising consumption of cosmetics has played a key role.


cosmetic tin containers


Cosmetic tin containers Item Specification
product name Wholesale cosmetic tin containers personalized cosmetic tin cans for sale
Item Size Φ277xH45mm
Material Specification first grade tinplate:0.23mm
Item Printing Color Lid&Bottom: Round lid+ CMYK printing;
mould number NC3266
MOQ According to the size, the MOQ is different, the general MOQ is 5000
Payment L/C、D/A、 D/P、 T/T、 Western Union
Delivery time The delivery time varies according to the order quantity. The general delivery time is 30 days.
Start Port Shen Zhen/Guang Zhou
Cosmetic tin containers Packing
Individual packaging Normal Packing: Opp bag with 5 layers exported corrugated carton. 
Carton Size 55.5*45*49.5cm
Company Information
Supplier Nice-Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd 
service Customers with metal packaging design and development and production and processing services
certificate Sedex. BSCI. BRC. FDA. CIQ. QS. ISO9001.CA65. EN71. LFGB
emaill [email protected]
Address No. 6, Fenghe Industrial Zone, Renhe Town, Baiyun District,Guangzhou, China.


cosmetic tin containers


1.Good performance of cosmetic tin box packaging
Compared with other packaging containers, such as plastic, glass, and paper containers, the iron box has a high strength, good rigidity, and is not easy to break. Not only for small sales packaging, but also the main container for large transport packaging. Simply put: it is strong in compression, not easy to break, and easy to transport.
2.Excellent barrier properties of cosmetic tin box packaging
The tin box has better barrier properties, gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, light shielding properties and fragrance retention than any other material. In addition, it has a reliable seal and can reliably protect the product. Cosmetic tin box material is made of tinplate with good ductility. It can be made into various shapes according to different needs, such as square, oval, round, horseshoe, trapezoid, etc., and it is not easy to deform after molding.
3.Corrosion resistance of cosmetic tin box packaging
The interior of the cosmetic tin box will be coated with a layer of non-hazardous coatings such as epoxy resin and phenolic resin, which will not pollute the cosmetics and harm the human body. It also has good anti-corrosion properties and can prevent the deterioration of oil agents and media in cosmetics. Thus effectively protecting the quality of cosmetics. The pattern trademark is bright and beautiful. The packaging container made is attractive and is an excellent sales package. And the cosmetic tin box can be recycled and reused, and it is environmentally friendly and safe, which is the future trend of cosmetic packaging. 


cosmetic tin containers

1. Q: What is tinplate? 
    A: Tinplate is the steel electrolytically coated with a fine layer of tin for tin protective purposes. Tinplate is a high quality safe packaging material for food items. such as cookies candies, chocolate, etc.

2. Q: Can I have the samples to have a check ?
    A: As for the sample , there are two choices. First , we could provide the free samples we for you to check the quality and you just afford the express cost is okay. Second, we could make a proof according to you demand , including the labeling and the size.

3. Q:What about the normal lead time?
    A: Normally 3-7 working days for small order, and 15-30 days for big order.

4. Q: What is metal proofing charge?
    A: Metal proofing sample is distinctive process for showing the color effect on the metal compared with paper. It is separate process from mass production, and thus also cost money.

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