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Tea tin cans for tea storage methods

Source: Nice-Can
Time: 2020-11-19

With the continuous development of society, people are more and more concerned about their own health. Food is no longer to fill their stomachs. People are more concerned about its health care function. Food has become inevitable from health to health. As a leading health product, tea must be guaranteed to be free from or minimized its quality within a certain period of time, effectively extending the fresh-keeping period of tea, so that consumers can buy tea that has been preserved in color, aroma, taste and shape. product. Tea storage is a process based on the basic packaging of tea to ensure that the tea maintains its original quality.



The four major factors affecting tea storage are:


1. Direct sunlight will destroy vitamin C in tea, and change the color and taste of tea, so tea must be stored in opaque containers.


2. The presence of water is a necessary condition for the decomposition reaction of many organic substances, and it is also a necessary condition for bacterial activity. Therefore, if the water content of the tea is too large, not only the tea is prone to lose nutrition, but it is also prone to mold and deterioration. Therefore, tea must be stored dry.


3. Tea leaves are in direct contact with air and are easily oxidized by oxygen in the air; the original flavor is lost, so the container of tea leaves must be sealed.


4. The increase in temperature will accelerate the speed of chemical reactions, which will promote the decomposition of the effective ingredients of tea and reduce the nutritional value of tea. Therefore, tea should be stored at low temperature.



Current preservation methods of tea: tin can preservation method, porcelain altar preservation method and bag storage method. After long-term use, it has been found that these three types of container tin packaging and ceramic preservation tea are more suitable, but considering factors such as price and manufacturing process, because the tin can is beautifully printed, convenient to carry, and fashionable, it is more suitable as a gift To express the feelings between family and friends, it is favored by the market.


In short, the long-term quality of tea can only be ensured by keeping the tea in the tin can dry, maintaining tightness, opacity, and a relatively low temperature and shade environment, and avoiding tea and moisture, temperature and humidity, light and oxygen Factors such as bad biochemical reactions and microbial activity deteriorate. Tea tin manufacturers are favored by the manufacturers because of its iron material, which is easy to recycle, easy to package and transport, and better protection of the quality of the tea in its products. For tea packaging tin cans, please contact Nice-Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd.